Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back on the road

After mom + dad have gone back home, I have been utterly bored!! It feels like there's nothing I can do now.. School hasn't started yet, that's why I can't really find anything except being a couch potato~

O well, yesterday we had fun just going out. After spending two days in the underground dwelling without sunshine, we went out and realized how sunny the sun is haha. The restaurant is where our first destination was. I tried 오므라이스 (omu rice if I write it correctly). It was not good at all.. I could only taste the fried beef.. and ketchup which I added later on. I guess I'll try something else at some other time.

Featured Pic: Gloves! We need them since yesterday was uber cold~ -18 C!! How could we be stuck here with that cold weather!!!! When parents were here, there wasn't a day when it's THAT cold!!! Transfer! We need that as well to ride on any bus. Novel! We need it to keep us company.


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