Monday, January 09, 2006

Just look at those..

written right after I got home.. see how much I love you >.<~ You'll be amazed at how anything can define your face expressions. When I was walking home (for around 20 minutes cuz I was quite enjoying the view and mild weather), I saw two things.

First is about the public transit--the bus. The driver (let's say the driver was a male) stopped the bus for some people to get off the bus. I know he had to make a left turn on the next traffic light which was very close. So he quickly turned the vehicle to the left..and then I saw this lady who wanted to get on the bus. Realizing that the bus was driven away, she ran and knock the bus. Apparently, he didn't see her. 'Aww..', I said to myself. However, he drove back to the right. I don't know why..but I suddenly smiled just cause of that. n_n

[ Yes, I'm weird.. ]

Second is about an old man outside the library close to our place. From faraway, he looked like those scary-looking gangsta' type of guys. And he was smoking. I always have this negative impression of people who smoke.. Not that everyone who smokes is a bad person. Anyway! I tried to walk faster since it's dark already. After passing him, I heard him coughing. I said to myself, 'For God's sake, quit smoking! ..old and coughing like that.' That made me feel grumpy.. -_-"

OH OH! Today's our first day of school! Back to school~ I thought I missed school, but in the morning, I got stomachache cuz I felt nervous.. >.<" So I don't think that was any good.
Plus.. I was late too. Last semester, I figured out that the later the school starts, the bigger the chance that I go late! I have no idea why. I think it's cause there is more time to spend for relaxation.
First class.. it was okay--no friends. I've become even more shy around new people. Grrr..!! I don't want to be like that!! I'll try harder tomorrow. The good thing is I saw my old friends too. There is this girl, she's very outgoing and friendly and loud! She said, "I missed you! You're such a cutie!" (It's a boost for my confidence, as I put it)
I wanted to reply in the same way as she did--all cheerful and stuff, but I couldn't. I just hope she's not offended or something. Or or..stop being my friend~ >.< Haha.


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