Saturday, January 14, 2006

New year's resolution?

Did you make any new year's resolution?
Did you still keep it?
What are they?

Loads of questions like that.. I actually didn't make any. Why? Just simply cause I know I won't keep them. I will just forget them in one day! That's no good. However, how would I know if I haven't tried having any? Hmm.. That's quite true. That's why I'm here. I think I'll make some.
This is tentative by the way. n_n

First, I have to sleep early* everyday with some exceptions apply during no-school days.

Second, I should get more exercise and eat more veggies so that I can grow taller. (A suggestion by some friend who keeps saying how s/he can't believe how short I am)

Third, I have to start cooking~ It's been sooooooooo long since I last cooked a decent meal**. I rarely can remember it.

Fourth, I should prevent myself from stayig in front of computer for so long.

Fifth, I seriously need to read textbooks since the beginning of semester--not a week before the exam and rush to jot down all important notes.

Sixth, I HAVE to finish all Korean movies I've downloaded + bought! This is the fun thing to do. I'm sure I'll be doing this one a lot!

Seventh, I have to go out every day. This means letting myself feel the freshness of the world--the sunshine, the breeze, and the view. Staying inside the house for a couple days is bad already cause I don't get any sunshine.

I think this is it for now. Those are small things, aren't they? I can't think of the big picture for now. Let's see if I can keep the small stuff first, then move on to the bigger ones.

EDIT: Added some stuff.

*Early means between 10-12 at nite.
**Decent meals exclude those frozen food such as dumplings and microwaved food, and those simple pasta (the noodle + sauce).