Saturday, January 14, 2006

On behalf of someone, I'm apologizing to that old man.

Haiya.. I went to downtown today. My friend's birthday. But he didn't pay for us. Well, it's not quite right for us if we let him pay for us since the restaurant is quite expensive. I didn't know it was that expensive. If I had known, I wouldn't have chosen that one.. Probably a cheaper with great ambiance one! n_n

After that, I had a haircut!!! OMG~ I can't believe how the hairdresser just cut my front part of my hair (bangs). I already told her that I want it to be longer.. -_-"
When I was seeing how she cut it all SO quickly, I felt like crying. Of course I didn't!
Especially with my type of face.. I was sooo damn afraid that it would look so weird. Plus, on Monday I have school!!! >.<"
In the middle of the cutting, she said to me, "Who are you? Who are you?" I didn't understand what she meant, did she mean my name? Has she seen me before? Has she forgotten that she's been working on my hair for the last half hour? Haha. So I asked her, "Do you mean.. my name?" Then, she replied to me, "No no, you look different now. I can't recognize.."
'Aaaa... she's trying to joke! Now I get it,' I thought.
In the end, the hair is not that bad. But the bang is STILL too short! I do hope the bang won't bother my view..

Now.. about the big topic. I was on the bus on my way home when I saw an old man keep looking at my friend. After a while, the old man stopped looking and walked towards the back of the bus and sat next to me. He asked me in Chinese if I can understand Mandarin. I said, "No.. Sorry."
I was feeling bad cause I didn't understand. Only if I had obeyed my parents when I was a kid, I could've been able to talk to him. I know he wanted to know how to get to someplace. But this language barrier won't let me tell him how. Then, he asked his next person. But the other man didn't speak his language either. Poor him.. -_- He kept looking at the road. I'm thinking that he must be so confused about where he was headed.
Thank God! There was another man coming into the bus, and he could speak Chinese. It was good that the man was willing to help the old man. He even asked the bus driver to give the old man a transfer ticket to the other bus instead of just telling the old man that he was on the wrong bus^^


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