Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"The sign says: DON'T WALK"

Small things can make you feel incredibly bad... *sigh*

This morning.. well, not really morning, since it was already 11am. I was walking towards school. I had to cross the road, but when I stepped onto the road, the sign was flickering into the red hand--blinking. As far as I know, it means that I'm already on the road, so I need to keep walking but quickly. At the same time I was in the middle of the road, there was a car coming onto me. The driver yelled at me, "The sign says: DON'T WALK!"

That person was so mean.. I don't think it was my fault to begin with--it was in fact HIS fault since he was the one who was turning left!!! However, I kept thinking about what he said and kept feeling bad~ -_-"
I hate me who's always thinking about something not wrong!!! I always feel so bad just cause of that~

Update on my new hair: So far so good. Here are some responds:
"Nice haircut."
"You look............ different!"
"You had a haircut!"
"It looks nice."
"You cut your hair."
"I like your haircut."

P.S. I can't watch TV!!! This is sooooo bad~ I can't live without TV! I can't even know the weather >.<""