Thursday, January 05, 2006

Started and Ended with BLOOD

the title says it all...

[ T H E E N D ]

Haha.. Of course that wasn't the end. Well.. it's about the beginning + ending of my parents' visit to my place here. O MAN! I didn't realize that they could be connected like that! oK oK, I think you're saying in your mind, "What the hell is this person talking about?"

So, let's begin from the first. It was an okay day after my last exam which is also the day when my parents are arriving here. Just like any good kid, I decided to clean up the house before they came. =D It was time to rub off all the dirt in the washroom when I accidentally cut my finger with the mirror (Don't ask me how..). I couldn't believe how much blood I wasted. It was all over the sink in there, and it wouldn't stop bleeding.. So weird.

Second thing is.. which happened on the last day of the visit. When I was at the airport, I received a phone call from my cousin who wanted to express his farewell to my parents. So I walked to my mom and not really realizing that I was standing under the trunk door of a van. The owner of the van apparently tried to close the trunk door, and BANG! The edge of it slammed my head. I was rubbing the spot where it got hit when I noticed something wet.. I saw it, and it was blood. It was so scary for me.. I've never had blood coming out of my head before. I don't even like the idea of that! >.< I just cried and cried wanting this to be just one of my nightmares..
Fortunately.. It was only a small ... shall we say "cut"? I think I am okay now. But at that time, I was so scared that I might lose my mind! Crazy~


Blogger strawberry said...

yay! u've started ur blog. now u can teach me how to change the banner!!
hope u feelin better now!

1:05 AM


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