Thursday, January 19, 2006

WARNING: Sign of aging has appeared!!

Haha. Since yesterday morning, my lower back hurt!! I have no idea why. I didn't pull or push any heavy things. I didn't go grocery shopping either (cuz when I do, I need to carry loads of goods in my back).

It really does hurt! Expecially after waking up.. Haha.
Maybe I should drink more milk~
I always come up with something in my daily life to compensate new things that happen suddenly. For instance, when I gain weight, I'd think about it over and over again about what I did wrong--eat too much? Or not eat properly (3 meals a day)? Then, other people would talk about something, and I would be eavesdropping and copying their tips! Like I did about water. They say that cold water can make you fat--as a result, I stopped drinking cold water and took normal water instead. However, when there's no result, I went back to drinking cold water. n_n
But but.. it doesn't mean that it didn't work.. It just takes soo looong time. Just believe in what you're doing, then it will eventually happen.

[ Notice I said "eventually".. and I don't know when the time comes. Maybe after an hour, a year, or even a century!!! ]


Blogger strawberry said...

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10:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:18 PM


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